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Job Description: Electrical Engineer / DIGI-TRONIC S/W architecture
Reports to: SVP of Product Development
Department: RD & E
Classification: Indirect
Location: Livermore, CA

Job Summary:

This position is a Electrical Engineer for the UltraCell Fuel Cell Product lines and Controllers.  This Electrical Engineer will be responsible for specifications, board design, documentation, and transfer to manufacturing of his/her designs.  This Engineer must be proficient in Electrical Engineering and should understand C variant software, system controls, troubleshooting, design, and follow up documentation. Project management experience is a strong plus.  The demonstrated ability to manage and lead a group and electrical/software engineers, and ensure that their work is aligned with customer requirements is a very strong plus.  Interacting with other engineers and scientists with specific domain knowledge will be essential.

Essential Functions:

  • Develop a large firmware array to control the DIGI-TRONIC fuel cell.  Provide the massive scaled control array between fuel cell experts and hardware engineers
  • Develop GIT or similar system to align all S/W developers and accelerate the development timeline
  • Specify, design, and architecture for the DIGI-TRONIC variations, starting with version 1 (20-9-1-45 single string H2.).  Collaborate with HW, SW and fuel cell engineers to ensure that the DIGI-TRONIC architecture can be scaled to fit Advent roadmap needs
  • Must be a strong EE with experience in board design in real time control, digital and analog controls, and power management
  • Must be capable of creating electrical architecture for various products
  • Must be able to understand software and firmware in C for above systems
  • Manages Projects
  • May Supervise other Engineers and Techs.
  • Should be familiar with standard EE design tools (ORCAD, PADs, SPICE, etc.)
  • Is an active member in many cross-functional process/product improvement teams.  Attends weekly Engineering Group Meeting.
  • Writes monthly contract reports.

Qualifications Required:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent experience
  • Data science experience a plus
  • Masters Degree a strong plus
  • 8-12 years related work experience
  • Skilled at structured problem analysis
  • Excellent verbal and written skills
  • Ability to work with cross functional teams
  • Broad understanding of manufacturing methods, i.e. board fab, assembly, flex circuits, etc.
  • U.S. Citizen

Nice to have:

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Microsoft Project
  • Understands analysis and interpretation of analytical data
  • Familiar with various fuel cell design concepts
  • Some experience in Electrochemistry and/or Catalytic Chemistry

Personal Attributes:

  • Must be self starter
  • Must be comfortable working in high pressure environment
  • Must be comfortable working in start up environment typically with minimal support staff


  • Some travel required
  • Some lifting required

If you share this mentality, please send us a bio at [email protected] with the corresponding code: Electrical Engineer / DIGI-TRONIC S/W architecture

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