We make fuel cells that convert hydrogen and other renewable fuels to electricity


Decarbonize Faster. Any Fuel. Anywhere.

At Advent we believe that the world can decarbonize faster. To accelerate the pace of electrification we will need Hydrogen and Renewable Fuels (aka Liquid Sun, Liquid Wind). These fuels will enable true zero emissions (well to wheel) carbon-neutral power for the automotive, aviation, drone, portable, marine, and heat & power generation markets. Renewable fuels carry hydrogen, without the need for hydrogen infrastructure.


HT-PEM Fuel Cells

ADVENT Technologies is an innovation-driven company in the fuel cell and hydrogen technology space. Our vision is to accelerate electrification through advanced materials, components, and next-generation fuel cell technology. Our technology applies to electrification (fuel cells) and energy storage (flow batteries, hydrogen production) markets, and we intend to commercialize it through partnerships with Tier1s, OEMs, and System Integrators. Our customers have already deployed commercial products using our technology.

In order to reach the goal of GHG emissions control and pollution control, the world will need renewable energy but also energy storage solutions, and renewable fuels like hydrogen. Advent’s technology addresses the cost problems of hydrogen fuel cells, renewable fuels, hydrogen infrastructure, production, and energy storage.

We have a platform technology based on high temperature operating membranes and electrodes that result in fuel-flexible fuel cells that can generate clean electricity from hydrogen, natural gas, methanol, renewable fuels/biofuels.