Why Advent’s MEA is the perfect solution for HTPEM systems

At Advent we spent years to develop the core materials & components that will revolutionalize the energy sector. We provide membranes, electrodes & MEAs to HTPEM stack manufacturers and system integrators. Our materials and processes are protected by more than 50 patents worldwide. Our MEA customers are working in portable, aviation & power generation markets. What is […]

Advent gives Li.F.E. to Fuel Cell

Advent develops, manufactures, and licenses solutions for each industry under the Li.F.E.TM (Liquid Fuel Electrochemical Engines) brand name.  Li.F.E engines use HTPEM fuel cell technology with core materials such as membrane electrode assemblies, MEAs produced in house. HT PEM fuel cells offer several advantages as: No need for hydrogen or grid availability Liquid Fuel Flexibility (Methanol, Ethanol, LNG, […]

Methanol: the Surprising Solution for Pollution, Global Warming and Electric Car Mass-Adoption

Electric cars are here to stay, and their numbers are growing 60% per year. More than 1 million EVs were sold in 2017, and moderate predictions call for 10 million in 2025, and more than 30 million in 2030 (1). Others are more optimistic and have upgraded these forecasts significantly. Unfortunately, a growing EV market share will […]

Introducing Li.F.E.TM (Liquid Fuel Electrochemical Engines): Methanol and the Future of Electrification

Today at Advent we introduce the term Li.F.E.TM technology for Liquid Fuel Electrochemical engines.
Advent’s Li.F.E.TM technology enables companies in automotive, marine, drone, aviation, and heat&power markets to build clean electrochemical engines that work with liquid fuels (like methanol)