We Are Advent.

At Advent, we believe what makes people unique is what makes them great. Knowing that diversity drives innovation, we strive to build a diverse and inclusive culture, that represents a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, to fulfill our vision of building a more sustainable world through accelerating green electrification.

We are a truly international company, public in Nasdaq (ADN) with passionate people in Silicon Valley, Boston, Denmark, Germany, Greece, and Asia. Our technical expertise, dedication to continuous improvement, and foremost, the passion of the Advent Team for what we do, are fundamental for the company’s successful course and expansion!

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What our team members say about us!

Actually enjoying going to my job every day! I love a little bit of everything — the planning, the communication with vendors and clients, the creative aspects, the cyclical nature of the job, and my co-workers. It is a very interesting and challenging work and I like being able to implement process-improvement ideas whenever required. My favorite part is working with different teams and seeing everything come together after a joint effort!

George Paloumbis, Director of Manufacturing

“The most exciting thing at Advent each day is to learn new information from testing, or from other investigation or from experienced colleagues. As the project progresses, the information comes together like the pieces to a puzzle. When enough pieces are laid down then the whole team is energized because everyone can see the final product.”

Thomas Pavlik, Product Manager in Engineering

“Improving skills and collaborating with all members of the team is something really fantastic.”

Athanasios Papaspyropoulos, Associate Technician

“Everyday represents new challenges and opportunities to move forward and make a contribution.”

Rich Nelson, Facilities Operations Manager

“I am most excited to work together with a strong team. It is a pleasure to work with so many dedicated people, who all are experts in their fields and being able to combine all these disciplines into a working product.”

Christian Rostgaard Andersen, Project Manager

“The most exciting thing is that I work every day with colleagues having great expertise that they are truly humble and always willing to guide you and listen to your opinion.”

Michalis Kandiliotis, Mechanical Technician

“I love the start-up vibe even though we’re well beyond a traditional start-up, and it’s fun to be working from a clean sheet to design the future – be that the Hood Park facility or the approach we’re taking to automate production.”

Steve Rock, Director of Automation

“Working for Advent is really an adventure!”

Marios Xenos, Assistant Accountant


“As a recent graduate who finished her Master’s in December, I am most excited about being exposed to so much new information every day. I am constantly learning from everyone around me, and it’s incredible and inspiring to be surrounded by so many brilliant minds.”

Amariah Condon, Technician & Product Specialist

“Each day I am motivated by the thought that our work here today may have a huge impact in the whole world. This drives me to learn new things constantly which is exciting!”

Stavros Katsiaounis, Senior Product Development Engineer

“Inspiring: Being on the ground floor with new technologies is exciting to me. Being able to work with our Engineers giving them real world application experiences from my time served in the Military.”

Scott Suiter, Product and Program Manager

“Working for Advent has taught me so far that a little progress each day adds up to big results, as team effort is the key to success.”

Christiana Patsiaoura, Office Administrator

“The perfect environment with great people. This is not a job; this is a joy!”

Nikolaos Farmakiotis, Marketing & Sales Manager