renewable, lightweight,  uninterrupted power solutionS for rugged applications

Advent’s revolutionary technology – fueled by renewable, lightweight fuels – provides uninterrupted power for extended periods at a considerable weight advantage over other battery solutions. Combining rugged design and long life, Advent’s solutions are suitable for demanding environments in both military and commercial applications.

THE Honey Badger 50SOLUTION

Advent’s Honey Badger 50is a battery charger used to power up remote units in the field quickly and efficiently. It is designed for serious forward-facing, off-grid radio and satellite operations. Other applications include charging remote fixed and mobile surveillance gear, as well as military laptop computers.

Honey Badger 50 is tested by the US Army and provides a portable (individual wearable) fuel cell system which can be easily charged on the move. This enables faster, more reactive modern infantry operations. Now one soldier carrying a small bottle of a windshield wiper fluid can accomplish the same functions as two soldiers carrying huge packs of batteries on their backs.  

We offer a lighter footprint in every aspect, which provides more forward-facing flexibility with a near-silent and exhaust-free profile.